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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Be a Snugglebunny!

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Have the urge to get closer to each other? Try snuggling. It is one of the most enjoyable things a couple can do. It brings the two of you two very close, and tells you a great deal about your relationship.

snuggle1Snuggling requires being close. Women usually love to be held and to snuggle. It’s a great way to demonstrate romance. Find a place were your bodies mesh and revel in getting closer and filling in the gaps of your bodies. You can also snuggle while doing spoons. Try breathing in the same rhythm that your partner is breathing. Sink into each others arms. A seemingly endless kiss that doesn’t lead to anything else is nice too.

snuggle3When a man brings you close to his heart, he’s symbolically showing you that he’s very much attached to you. Your man may not always share feelings, but his body can do the talking. For some men it is easier to show you his affection with his gestures and actions, rather than with words. Close contact is important to all couples – both men and women. Sensations triggered by a snuggle session can be very pleasurable. It helps to create a more intimate bond between a man and a woman.

snuggle2Get close. Your partner will never know you want to snuggle if you are on the sofa and they are on the love seat. Sit right next to each other. Physical contact is required. If your partner doesn’t get the hint, they need to be told. Lay your head on his lap he should put his arm around you and begin to snuggle. If not, speak up. If you can let yourself relax enough emotionally and physically, you might actually enjoy some of the benefits of snuggling. Snuggling is a form of communication because it can say things you don’t have the words for.

A 2006 study by the Berman Center for Women’s Health in Chicago showed that couples who regularly indulge in spontaneous, non-sexual physical affection are more satisfied with their relationships. Even if you don’t get the appeal of snuggling, you should be able to see the connection between it and a happy partner.

What is a snugglebunny? It’s someone who is snuggly, or good to snuggle with; a sweetheart, a lover, a friend, a spouse. A person that you love, care for and want to cuddle with. Someone who lies or presses close together; cuddle. To curl up closely or comfortably; nestle: snuggled happily under the covers or anywhere you choose.

You can snuggle:


Animals “snuggle” too!

In bed.
On a porch swing.
On the floor.
In a sleeping bag for one.
In a car.
At the Drive-in.
In a hot tub.
On a blanket in the back yard.
On the beach.
On a couch.
In a Hot Air balloon.
By the fireplace.
At the movies.
Under a blanket.

Snuggle for snugglings sake and you’ll reap the rewards of making your partner feel happy, connected and very close to you.

Time to get your snuggle on!

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