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Monday, April 16, 2012

Touch for Two

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“Phew! Glad that day is over.” Have you ever felt like that?


Even monkeys do it!

You can tame your tension with a partner massage. When you’ve had a rough day, take some time to rest and take turns giving each other a gentle, loving massage. A romantic massage for two works wonders. The skin is the largest sensory organ in the body. This is why a massage can be a very personal way to show affection for your partner. At the end of the day take time out to relax each other with a sensual full body massage.

Everyone likes getting a massage. And even more so if it’s done by a person whom they trust, since a massage can be a very intimate thing. Massage is a great way to relieve stress and channel positive energy through to your partner.

Set the mood. Before you begin, take a few moments to relax your body and your mind. Create a comfy environment by lighting some candles and playing soft music. Customized your massage for two with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and rose petals. This is a great massage to do in the bedroom, after a relaxing hot bath or shower. Wait! That’s another great idea! Shower or take a hot bath together.

hotbathAn experience that does so much good deserves to be shared. Massage oil is used for decreasing friction on the skin, and for the warming effect. Use a light vegetable or seed oil to nourish the skin warming it between your hands before massaging. The purpose of the oils is two-fold. They smell good and they reduce the friction between your hands and your partner’s skin. Have towels close by to wipe off excess massage oil. It is also important to cover the areas that you have already massaged so that the body heat you will have generated won’t escape and give your partner a chill.

Build momentum. Use relaxing strokes. Start by using gentle warming strokes, gradually adding more pressure. Work one area at a time. Rather than relying on just arm or hand strength, use your body weight to work out tension areas.

couple-massageIt’s not enough just to light a scented candle; make sure your environment is clean and uncluttered. Be prepared. Privacy is important. Lock the doors. Decide on a place where you can be sure of your privacy and will not have peeping toms or kids to worry about. Dim the lights. Make it romantic by replacing lights with candles. Turn off your phones. Keep everything you need close to you. Once you begin the massage you do not want to be distracted. Continually starting and stopping the massage will ruin the moment. Make sure you’ve set up the room just how you want it. Don’t worry about a perfect massage. Think about your partner and let your fingers do the loving.

Beyond the obvious physical relaxation benefits it can cause you to feel closer. A good massage also increases blood circulation and the flow of feel-good hormones. Alternate massaging each other from the neck and shoulders down to the legs and toes.

Have something to drink close by, as people tend to be thirsty after a good rubdown. Take the time to discuss the great moment the two of you just shared. It’s called “afterglow” and should always be a part of a good massage. The communication will not only make the massage feel great, but will strengthen your bond. Enjoy this special moment by talking or seeing where your soothed mood takes you.

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