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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No More Resolutions For Me!

It’s that time of year again; a new year and a new chance to start fresh, another opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. It’s odd how difficult embracing improving changes can be. To make resolutions work we have to first learn how to make change happen in our lives. Many people resist change. We often fail because we don’t take the time to decide what’s really important.

top-10-PromisesWe want those resolutions to last, we really do, but we just can’t seem to make them stick. The fate of the most serious of resolutions taken in all earnestness will only be forgotten in the euphoria of starting a brand new year. I have come to the conclusion that making New Year’s resolutions is a silly ritual. As we all know resolutions are very easy to make; you just think of something you want be, achieve or do and then you say it! However, actually keeping resolutions is another story altogether.

“Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens because you decide you cannot stand living however it is you were living before, and you are now motivated by some force inside or outside yourself to make you do it differently.” ~ Tracy Moore

Resolutions? Not me! Been there, not doing that! I resolve not to make any more resolutions. To me, the resolution train is a crazy train to be on. I have no more moral stamina than a noodle when it comes to keeping New Years resolutions. No more resolutions for me. Resolutions are quickly forgotten when they become inconvenient.

However, I aways keep my word; I always keep promises I make to myself.

This year I promise:

• to make no resolutions for the New Year and to keep the promises I make to myself
• to give more hugs
• to give more love
• to enjoy life more
• to take more time out for me to do the things I really enjoy, e.g., movies, jazz concerts, etc.
• to eat more fruit
• to take more calculated risks
• to be more spontaneous
• to perform more random acts of kindness
• to back-up my computer regularly
• to spend less time browsing the Internet and more time doing
• to have more FUN
• to drink more water in ample quantities
to become a morning person ~ NOT! 😉
• to breathe more deeply
• to follow my own best advice
• to end each day with a prayer of gratefulness
• to tolerate stupid people more easily, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time
• to avoid beef jerky
• to smile and say hello to strangers
• to help my body be the healthiest and happiest it can be
• to create more order in my life by giving away or throwing out the things I don’t really need
• to spend more time with family and friends
• to focus more on giving rather than taking
• to splurge on experiences rather than material things
January1st• to NEVER accept any Facebook Farmville or app requests
• to continue my crusade to encourage those who drink alcohol to: Don’t Drink ‘n Drive!”
• to be more accepting of myself and others
• to add to this list when I think of new and exciting things that inspire me
• to print this list of promises, post it on my bathroom mirror and begin each day with a complete review of them – aloud – and with enthusiasm and…
• to Celebrate Love each and everyday!

How about you?

What promises you make to yourself are you willing to keep?

Now would be a great time to sit down with paper and pen, or screen and keyboard, and write down or type up specific personal promises for the rest of the year. Be true to yourself this year. You won’t be doing this for anyone else, but you will be doing this to prove to yourself that you actually have the courage to say you will do something, to keep your word and see it through. Hmmm. Keeping your word. That’s a good start. When your promises have been made sincerely and seriously, they will need to be realistic and practical in order for you to succeed in keeping them. Make realistic promises. Print your list of promises, post it on your bathroom mirror and begin each day with a complete review of them – aloud – and with enthusiasm. You will need an unwavering determination to resist the obstacles that stand in your way of keeping your word.

“When you know how to position yourself for change, annual “resolutions” matter less because you’re always looking for ways to improve your life.” ~ Phil Cooke

Consider that the new year is not only a time to make changes in your life, but also a time to be thankful for being alive and well for another year.

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