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Friday, May 17, 2013

Has Gallantry Galloped Away?

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I was finishing a few “Diamondback” tacos recently at a local Taco Bell and began observing the behavior of a few male specimens.

manopeningdoorI’m wondering just when – after being together for awhile – do they lose that loving feeling for their woman?

Here are a few things that I noticed:

• As this couple were leaving, he was walking at least a dozen feet in front of her – she had to open the restaurant door for herself
• As she approached the car, he was already in the drivers seat impatiently waiting for her to come along
tacos• She had to open the car door for herself
• He was just plain being sloppy by dropping napkins on the floor (I saw him look at them as he dropped them) then waited for her to pick them up

Come on, guys! That’s just plain stupid!

Is chivalry a medieval custom that should be confined to the history books? I think not.

Has gallantry galloped away?

Whatever happened to cleaning up the mess on the table yourself instead of “expecting” her to do it – or worse yet, thinking that that is her job? Whatever happened to walking behind her to the door and reaching out to open it for her?

Chivalry and gallantry are not something you do until you catch her! Doing the little things like always opening the car door for her and just plain treating your sweetheart special are things that you do because you love her… not because you should or you have to.

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