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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Faith and Trust. . . You Must Have Both!

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“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – The Bible

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote: “Faith is a mental attitude which is so convinced of its own idea – which so completely accepts it that any contradiction is unthinkable and impossible.”

Faith&TrustHere is Ernest Holmes’ definition of faith in the glossary of the book, “The Science of Mind:” Faith is a mental attitude, so inwardly embodied that the mind can no longer deny it. Faith is complete when it is both a conscious and subjective acceptance. Faith may be consciously generated. In spiritual terminology, faith means a belief in the presence of an invisible principle and law [another word for God] which directly and specifically responds to us. “Thy faith has made thee whole.”

“Our mightiest ally (our indispensable ally) is belief in something we cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or feel. Resistance wants to rattle that faith. Resistance wants to destroy it.” ~ Steven Pressfield

“We trust people because they showed up when it wasn’t convenient, because they told the truth when it was easier to lie and because they kept a promise when they could have gotten away with breaking it.” ~ Seth Godin

faithOkay… thanks for reading this far. I say all that to say this: You must never stop working on building trust in your marriage and have faith that it will work long-term! Be clear about this: faith is trust! Trust continues to build over time and when both partners demonstrate to each other that true “Love” exists and is present in their relationship. Need I mention unconditional Love? Without doubt, the hardest thing to do, is to love unconditionally.

You “will” face challenges in your relationship! Faith and trust is the glue that keeps everything together. Faith must be based on trust, not signs and evidence. Trust is another way of cooperating with each other. Faith in each other requires trusting that people are inherently good. Never betray your partner’s trust! Never. Trust takes time to build and seconds to break. Faith in each other can help rebuild it.

“We all have moments when it seems like everything is going wrong. It’s unavoidable. Its that enormous leap between your lowest moments and the moments that you think will make you happy that faith is required. It’s precisely when things are at their worst that you need “faith” the most.” ~ James Altucher

Trust the creative power within you. Some people call it God. Trust yourself. Trust you partner. Work together. If you need help, ask for it.

How strong is your faith and trust in “your” relationship?

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