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Sunday, July 28, 2013

“Hey! I’m Ready When You Are!”

You can’t always drop what you are doing and be at the beck and call to your partner, however, if you have the inclination and intention to do so, you are more likely to generate that feeling of being really close together than not. No intention. Not much can come from that. Does that make sense?

beck 1 (bk) n. – A gesture of beckoning or summons.
Idiom: at (someone’s) beck and call. Ready to comply with any wish or command. To be at someone’s beck and call is to be entirely subservient to them; to be responsive to their slightest request.

HavingFUN3Hmmm. Not “quite” like that. The word summons, to me, is like a “have to.” Summons can take away the choice. Not a beckoning that demands, but a beckoning that lovingly invites.

I’m talking about really being ready to have fun with your partner if and when one or the other of you feels fun coming on or in other words, when the invitation for fun comes. Spontaneity is a good thing.

You can tell, can’t you? You kinda know that having fun together is fun but often you hold back and for one reason or another you temporarily block the fun you could have had if you would have just said, “Hey! I’m ready when you are!” – and mean it!

You actually have the opportunity to choose to feel one way or the other. Right? You know it’s true.

I favor that anticipatory feeling that something really good could come from a slight shift in attitude. It’s a feeling of anticipation and that feeling genuinely comes alive!

Life should be fun. Find your smile. Put it on. Your relationship should be fun too. It really doesn’t have to be so hard. You both have to decide that you will always work together to make your relationship fun to be in.

So for me, it’s gonna be, “Hey! I’m ready when you are!”

Having said that, I’m thinking that there may be some times when I won’t be ready, and probably you too, but we won’t let that get in the way of genuinely having fun together, will we?

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