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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hmmm… Are You At The Risk Of Cheating?

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Megan Xiao, Guest Author

Are our normal lives as scandalous as celebrities? Statistics on cheating say so. Actually, with more than half of marriages ending in divorce, it’s more likely that you will cheat at least once in your life than not. Are we really as dirty as the very celebrities we love to hate?

lipstickHollywood can’t escape scandal and the media can’t turn away from it. Some cried, some rejoiced, most of us didn’t care when the news broke that Kstew and RPattz split after Kstew’s alleged affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders.

What about the Terminator’s love child? Or Brangelina’s classic Hollywood love story of meeting and cheating on the set of a movie together?

Can we escape it?! Learn why people cheat, the warning signs and how to prevent it in your relationships.

Why Do People Cheat?

Loneliness, boredom, feelings on inadequacy, unhappiness are all reasons why people cheat, but really! Why? According the, it’s estimated that 30 to 60 percent of spouses will cheat at least once during the course of their marriage. So what really makes people succumb to the pressure?

When a combination of emotions like love, desire and attachment overwhelm a person, it’s hard to deny those emotions. Think about when you’re dieting; once you get to a good place with your diet, it’s smooth sailing, but occasionally you may see your guiltiest pleasure, sitting there, wrapped up so deliciously — it takes almost everything inside of you to say no. But sometimes, combined circumstantial factors like hunger and desire cause you to do it.

CheatingOnce you’re married, it’s easy to get swept up and away from your partner: “The proverbial thing where you have duel resignation. You get married, crank out a couple of kids, the wife chases the kids and the career and the husband chases the career. Then all of a sudden, you revolve your life around the kids and you put romance on the back burner and then you throw in an attractive person and there you have it,” said Ed Young in The Christian Post.

Are You At Risk Of Cheating?

While the desire to cheat remains an unconscious part of our human nature, why do some people do it more than others? A combination of these major cheating risk factors can lead to doing the dirty deed with someone other than your spouse.

  • Attitude – Do you see love and sex as a game, or cherish it as a sacred bond between two people? The way you view your relationships is your biggest indicator as to whether you’re more susceptible to cheating.
  • Trouble in Paradise – Relationship problems are the biggest reason that all people cheat. If you’re unhappy or neglected, you will look for it elsewhere.
  • The Hot Factor – More money, more problems, and more education and career success too. These all enhance your chances for cheating.
  • Sex Drive – This varies from person to person, but a strong sex drive increases your likelihood of cheating.
  • Adrenaline Junkie – Risk taker personalities and people who enjoy adventure are more likely to to take the chance of sleeping with another person.

A good source of strength to battle the urge to cheat can come from community and friendly support at your local church. While you may not be the church-going type, you’d be surprised at church members’ desire to help someone in need to get on the right path.

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MeganCopyright © 2012 – Megan Xiao. Megan is a film fanatic. She loves to curl up with a bowl of Jiffy Pop and watch TMC or stream indy films on Hulu. She can go for a chick flic just as easily as an action-packed movie with Vince Vaughn. Currently, her fantasy husband is Ben Affleck and her favorite movie is “Argo,” but that will likely change tomorrow.

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