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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Keep Your Love Alive

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Liz Cross, Guest Author

If someone asks you how your relationship is, do you say you think it’s pretty good? That nothing is wrong, but maybe it’s just a little bit boring or stagnant from time to time?

Good, healthy relationships go through times of adjustment, some boredom and even a little bit of negativity from time to time. As human beings we tend to stick to our routines, but sometimes that routine really feels like a rut.

couplesactivitiesThe morning and nighttime routines seem to be the same thing over and over. The conversation at the dinner table may be dull and boring, and sex has even become a bit more of an obligation than it is fun.

When things get boring you tend to say nothing because you don’t want to stir things up. But the truth is that keeping silent about it can be dangerous. Couples need stimulation and if your relationship is not stimulating you may find yourself seeking fun and excitement somewhere else. This can do nothing but damage your relationship.

Below are some great ways to keep your love fresh and alive so you won’t have to look for excitement elsewhere.

New Activities – Try to find some fun things that are new for you and your partner to do together. Sit down and talk about some of the fun things you both have wanted to do other than watching television together. Maybe you can start playing cards one night or taking a bide ride around a park or even a long walk through the subdivision.

Cooking a meal together may be a welcome change or taking some tennis lessons together. Going fishing or golfing together would make for a fun change. Joining some groups or leagues like bowling can be a great way to have some new fun.

Getting Away – Try to plan a nice, romantic getaway with your partner to somewhere new, fun and exciting. Let this be a new beginning that you can both explore together for the first time.

Each of you can take a part in the planning process making sure you both do things you both like. Even if it cannot be a week away, short two-day trips the mountains or camping can be a good change and lots of fun.

intimacyDates – Always take time during the week to make and keep dates with each other. This can be something as simple as meeting for coffee every Tuesday morning at the café or meeting after work for drinks on Friday night. Talk about your workweek and what’s been going on with your lives and make some plans for the next week.

Intimacy – Talk to your partner about your sex life. Tell them what’s working for you and what’s not. Discuss if things need to change, if it’s too routine or not routine enough. Make time for intimacy in your relationship and find a time that the two of you can be alone even if it’s just for fifteen or twenty minutes to just be with each other.

Always hug and kiss your partner and tell them you love them. You can find the way to easily build that intimacy back up by doing small but meaningful things for each other.

Remind your partner that you fell in love with them for the special qualities they had when you first met. Touch base on a daily basis even if it’s just a text message to say, “I love you,” or “I’m thinking about you.” The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest differences to keep that love alive.

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  4. Great tips on “How to keep your love alive.” Thanks for sharing.

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