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Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Signs Your Relationship Will End Badly

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Have you ever gotten dumped and then thought, “I should have seen it coming.” Often times there are tell-tale signs that your relationship will end badly. Here are some of those signs to watch for.

1. Your partner has always been the one to leave a relationship. If your partner has never been dumped by someone else, if they were always the one to break off previous relationships, then you can be pretty certain that your relationship will end in a similar way. Don’t expect long term commitment from this person.

couplearguing2. Your partner continues to talk about their previous partner. If your partner is always talking about their previous partner, even if it’s in a negative way, then that other person is obviously still on their mind in a big way. Chances are that they’ll get back together with them if they are given the opportunity. At the very least, you are only a secondary option in their mind.

3. Your partner treats you with disrespect in public. Do they ridicule you in front of others? Do they reveal personal things about you to their friends? Do they ignore you at parties but give plenty of attention to other girls/guys that are there? This is a relationship that isn’t worth hanging on to and you will be better off the sooner it ends.

4. You find out they cheated on you the first month your were together. If they were cheating on you at the beginning, then they probably still are and will continue to do so. They will either leave you for someone else or hurt you enough times that you’ll finally end it yourself.

5. You continually catch them lying. Are they continually lying about where they were or who they were with? This is a big neon sign that a relationship with this person is going to be one of broken trust. The future is certain to bring heartbreak.

6. You have very little in common. At the beginning of a new romance, your differences can seem insignificant, but overtime, a lack of common interests can take a toll on a relationship. You will find it hard to enjoy your times together when one of you isn’t enjoying the activities that the other does. Eventually you’ll both want to go back to doing the things you enjoy and not what the other person enjoys.

7. They don’t like your friends. How can a person be in love with you and not like the people that you like to hang with? Common sense will tell you that if they don’t like the people you like, eventually they’ll decide that they don’t like you either.

8. They are continually asking to borrow money. This is a big warning sign that you should not ignore. Once or twice, not a big deal, but if your partner, male or female, is always asking to borrow money from you, there’s a problem. If they get mad when you say no, then it’s time for you to head down the road in another direction. Financial dependence is a terrible basis for a relationship.

9. They are married to someone else. Yes, there are situations where a married person divorces their spouse and marries the ‘other person,’ but it is the exception rather than the rule. If you are in a relationship with someone who is already married to someone else, you are setting yourself up for heartache.

10. They don’t want you to meet their family. Don’t shrug this one off. When your partner doesn’t want you to meet their family there is usually a reason. The reason may be because they don’t want you to see what their family is like. No matter how wonderful the person may seem, if you are wanting a long term relationship with them, their family will come into play in that relationship.

Why prolong a relationship that has all the signs of leading to heartbreak? If you see the signs, the sooner you bring it to an end the better, for both you and them.

Larry’s Note: I would add one more. #11. You know the relationship is over when one partner “refuses” to work on the relationship. One cannot do the work of two.

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