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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What to Do? What to Do? Thoughts on the Dilemma of Choice! – Part 3

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Part 3 of 3 Parts

NOTE: If you haven’t read “What to Do? What to Do? Thoughts on the Dilemma of Choice! – Read Part 1. Click here. Part 1 & Part 2 will open in a new browser window.
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What harm could possibly come from trusting in whatever your version of God is?

rose-on-bibleI trust you will sense the wisdom behind these thoughts. Write everything down! Don’t rush. Some of what you write down will be from your own mind – some from your heart. When you sort through all of your own thoughts and ideas and the desires of your heart, you will finally discover the infinite treasure you have been looking for and you will know what to do.

As long as you have the discipline for consistency of effort in the area of wanting to know “what to do,” you will not have to be concerned about when you will know. We must only listen to our heart to know when it is time to do something new or different. In that moment of truth, when trust is present, the heart has been known to put its ideas first on your list of “what to do”. When you trust it, it gives its ideas freely without restrictions or limitations or barriers or reasons why you can’t.

Sometimes we trust – for only a split second – get the message and fail to recognize that, “That’s it!” We fail to write it down, literally tossing it away; giving our mind permission to dismiss and discard the idea.

In so doing, we fail to give it a chance to birth the many other ideas that might come from inquiring fully about how it might contribute to solving our dilemma. Then, we go about our business of only talking about doing something different. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with talking about doing something different. There is only something wrong with only and always talking about doing something different and never doing anything different.

I suppose we should say something more about wanting to know. Only when you want to know, can you trust enough to get the message. Sometimes we surprise ourselves. We become clear that we want to know, and at that moment, we trust the words of our heart, write them down and we get it the first time.

Trust can create some pretty amazing moments like that. Trust produces your imagined results. Put trust at the top of your list and watch what happens. It may be true that “what to do” can only be discovered if you write everything down. It may not be true. I wouldn’t gamble on it if I were you. The stakes are too high.

When you decide, the people of the world become your teachers. Once you make a decision, tell people what you are up to and watch what happens! You will truly be amazed. And you must ask for what you want. You could never imagine how many people will fall in line for the opportunity to contribute to you in a way that empowers you to continue with your new quest.

Discovery of what’s next for you can only happen when you shut down the conversation that you don’t know “what to do” and open up to the infinite possibilities that are available when you truly are ready to know. Remember, if you only and always say you don’t know what you want to do, you are right! Are you quite sure this is something you want to be right about?

Life is a series of decisions. They come at us point blank. Someone once said, “It is better to make the wrong decision than to make no decision at all.” I agree. Unless we know our calling, we may end up on the short end of the stick.

We may become disappointed at our own inability to cope with making the decisions we know we need to make, to do what must be done. Such disappointment can trigger many more inappropriate decisions that only delay getting to what must be done.

When you know “what to do,” the decisions you make have to do with the things you have intentions about. Find someone who’s doing what you want to do and request mentoring or hire a coach. Why reinvent the wheel?

Successful people love to share their expertise with others who are on the same path; with the serious truth seekers; those who do when they discover “what to do.”

Then, there’s the fear. There is only one way to step on your fear. Step on it! You have to lift your foot and step on it! You have to do something. . . while you are still afraid.

We must decide what to do with our lives, then design a do-able plan. We must be specific about our intentions. When we are specific, what we intend to do usually gets done.

Never allow yourself to be closed to doing something new after you have decided what you want to be and do. Never cast this discovery in bronze. Things change. Nothing is constant. Be open to the unlimited possibilities to contribute. To lock in on only one way of serving your purpose in life is to lock out an infinite number of other exciting possibilities.

Many of us seem to wonder about on the path of self-discovery; often confused about being there, and we sometimes wonder off the path. So many new things happen when we begin to inquire about having life be better that we entertain the thought that life was much easier when we didn’t know what we now know.

Now that you know, you can never not know. You could give up. You could again devote your time to living in the past; to only talking about doing something different. That doesn’t sound like an alternative I would be interested in. How about you? You can never go back and feel good about it. Keep your eyes on the possibilities yet to be discovered. That’s exciting!

Replacing old habits takes time and carefully directed energy. The more you discover about yourself, the quicker you can reach workable solutions to help your life be better. They will assist you in staying on the path. It makes replacing old habits easier when you make having fun on the way to the result a high priority.

Replace your old habits with some new, fun habits! Imagine the fun you could have with your life if you would only decide to. Replacing old habits takes imagining, then embracing the end result so dramatically that you develop a ‘burn’ to be complete with knowing what it is you need to do. Your subconscious mind is impressed by drama. Don’t let it down. What you vividly imagine can and will come to pass.

If you are not familiar with journaling, that might help. Journaling is a healthy way of expressing yourself so you can get to know you better.

Believing in the benefits that come from the results will keep you focused on that special something that excites you to action; that pulls you forward. It requires staying pointed in the direction we say we want to go; remaining true to what we know we must do.

Another word that fits here might be discipline. We can all use more of that; the discipline to do whatever it takes to make the discovery that can transform the opportunity you have to contribute to others, into one of instantaneous self-transformation.

This is the only life you have. Focus on what you want to do, then do it with gusto! Until you decide what that is, do what you are doing now with gusto!

You have all the time you have. No one knows how much that is. Do something now! Today! How sad to let time pass without having the discipline to focus on the possibilities new choices can bring.

Everyone is going to die someday. The questions are: “When are you going to start living? When are you going to begin doing?”

You can decide “what to do”. . . or not. You can decide who you want to do it with. . . or not. You can decide who you will have to become to accomplish what you want to do. . . or not. You can change your attitude about life. . . or not.

You can do things differently. . . or not. You can discover new ways of thinking. . . or not. You can decide to do and be all of the things you already know you should be doing and being to make your life better. . . or not. You can decide and stick to the better choice. . . or not.

We are only and always talking about choice. God’s greatest gift to you is choice!

What to do? What to do?

Knowing “what to do” and doing it most certainly improves the quality of your experience.

And it is only and always up to you!

NOTE: If you haven’t read “What to Do? What to Do? Thoughts on the Dilemma of Choice! – Part 1,” click here. Part 1 will open in a new browser window.

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