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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can Modern Technology Mess Up Your Relationship?

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Modern technology is good thing! It often saves us time, and it can severely limit our ability to connect in a more intimate way to the people we love. While it might be good for business, it is not always great for our relationship!

Remember when dating simply meant a guy asking a girl for a date? Maybe he would call her up or maybe he would do it face-to-face. Today with e-mail, instant messages, texting, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, PDAs, iPads, iPhones, Blackberrys, other smart phones, social network sites user groups and other technology at our disposal things have really changed. We have found plenty of new ways to communicate and even more ways to mess it up. Where there’s a new technology, there’s a high potential of a relationship dissolving because of technology misuse.

I use technology a lot. We all do. Have you experienced the following scenario? You text someone or post a comment without thinking – on someone’s Facebook wall – and there’s that one person that takes the interaction completely out of context? The worst part is if they are your significant other or someone with whom you’re really close and it changes your interactions with them in real life. If you ask me, real life must take precedent over texting or Facebook.

Today it seems that the old-time intimate conversations of the past are fading away. I choose not to have this happen!

weddingcartoonThe world has become a place where I see people looking at their phones and laughing because the person next to them texted them. Really? “They are sitting NEXT to you! Look over, give them a smile and COMMUNICATE aloud with them!”

I love technology, but there’s just something missing when texting or Facebook messaging or whatever else someone is using is the only mode of communication.

It is easy for misunderstandings to occur through text messages. It’s impossible to hear the tone of the other person’s voice when texting.

Interpersonal communication is something that should be stressed to the younger generation because even people as young as high school and college students are spending way too much time on their cell phones or laptops and less time interacting in person.

Larry’s NOTE: A special “thank you” to Christie Maillet for contributing the following 6 “keep communication real” tips. Visit her Website at:

1. Spend less time texting and more time talking on the phone – the voice inflections are just as important as body language.

2. Limit your time communicating via laptop/computer. Spend time out with your friends hanging out and talking (but don’t text the whole time!)

3. Enjoy the moment. Don’t ignore the friend in front of you just because another friend texted you.

4. Don’t talk about serious topics over text message. Save those conversations for over the phone, or preferably, in person.

5. Don’t take anything too seriously over text message or IM. The only real way to know how someone meant to say something is to ask them on the phone or in person.

facebook-broken-heart6. The only way to get to know someone well is by spending time with them in person. Texting and Facebook messaging give you a false sense of “knowing” someone – if you don’t know their voice inflections or their body language, how do you really know if you’re that close?

It’s important to get back to the very foundation of good communication to truly know where we stand in the world. Hopefully if people actually get to “know” others and don’t let technology be a crutch, we won’t have to revert to The Matrix for reference someday.

Certainly if you are in a long-distance relationship it’s important to stay in touch. The technology rules are a little different for this kind of relationship. But be careful. It’s very easy to misinterpret the tone of a text message.


Hmmm. An example of a little of that modern technology above. 😉

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