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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Birds One Moment. . . and then?

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Do you have a “Schizo” relationship. . . meaning: are you all cuddly and warm and fuzzy one moment and the next moment your relationship goes south? Someone says something, it’s misunderstood and the disagreement begins. If this happens a lot, you most likely need help.

Love·birds (lvbûrds) – A couple who are openly affectionate or demonstrative with each other, especially in public.

beachwalkLove birds treat each other with respect! They go out of their way to avoid misunderstandings and to do everything in their power to make sure that the relationship is something each partner can be proud to be in. They are consistently building a closer connection with their partner. They make sure they are not just roommates but intimate partners. They continue to schedule dates where they can be together.

They don’t succumb to the pressures and stress in their relationship. They don’t lose touch with their partner. They make time for fun and they truly enjoy each other. They never settle for mediocrity. Instead they nurture each other and allow their relationship to become the source of joy, support and love that they were intended to be. They spice up their love life. Couples that play together, stay together. They frequently plan romantic holidays. They show that they care and love their partner. They say, “I love you!” (out loud) at least once a day. It’s the best way to connect to your partner and share what you feel for each other.

“If the couple starts assuming that the other partner knows about your feelings, then there would be very little conversation and sharing of feelings. In such situations, a vacuum starts building and this adversely affects the relationship in the long-run. So it’s suggested that small expressions of love should be conveyed every now and then to improve the quality of a relationship.” ~ Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj, Relationship Counselor

Does that sound like the kind of relationship you could be proud to be in? Some couples stay the course, some fall, all stumble.

When you do have bump in the relationship road, what do you do? Research has shown that couples who engage in a full body hug for at least 20 seconds have the potential to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone of security and safety. With this kind of hug you can actually FEEL the stress that was present begin to disapate.

Over time, couples often pay less heed to indulging in intimate conversations with each other and therfore they don’t know exactly what is going on in their partner’s life. If you feel that the love bond is getting weaker, take some time out and sit with your partner just to hear them out and allow them to bare their heart to you.

Routine is one of the main causes of relationship malfunction. Once partners get comfortable, it’s not long before they get lazy; and as soon as they get lazy, they get bored. Love birds don’t give in to routine. They mix it up. They plan surprises and come up with creative ideas to keep love alive.

If your relationship is in a rut or it’s souring because of discontent or disinterest. . . you better DO SOMETHING fast! Routine, laziness and boredom must be combated at every opportunity. If you wait. . . you are sure to discover that the relationship is becoming passé. It’s important to do what you know must be done or face the consequences.

There is no greater delight than to watch two love birds, twittering and chirping merrily as the first rays of the sun appear over the tree-tops. This experience is second only to the pleasure of watching a couple in love, as they walk alongside holding hands, fearlessly demonstrating their love for each other.


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