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Saturday, November 7, 2009

2nd 100 Tweets from Larry James’ Relationship Twitter!

I have posted the 2nd 100 Tweets on my once daily “Relationship Twitter” and thought you might enjoy reading all of them 140 characters at a time. All are adapted from my book, “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing.”

LoveNotes for Lovers is a collection of meditations, affirmations and reflections on love. A valued relationship is something you work on all the time, not only when its broken and needs to be fixed. LoveNotes for Lovers assists in that process.

lovenotesEvery LoveNote is but one more piece of the relationship puzzle. The design of LoveNotes for Lovers is to help people fit the pieces of the relationship puzzle together in a healthy way. Each one is a mini-lesson in love.

You will also see an occasional link that references an article I have written about that key word. Each link opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place.

You are welcome to use these “LoveNotes” as quotes provided you credit the author as per below:

LoveNote. . . Think before you speak. Words create. They either build up or tear down. Speak only words of forgiveness, appreciation, understanding & Love. – Larry James, from the book, “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing.”

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Think before you speak. Words create. They either build up or tear down. Speak only words of forgiveness, appreciation, understanding & Love.

Relationships are something that must be worked on all the time, not only when they are broken and need to be fixed. Always give your best!

We must never allow anger to use us. Use its energy to move us to the other side. There we will find only Love.

There is no future in the past. Live in the moment. Be in the present. Give your all to the relationship every moment you are in it.

Words can come back to haunt you or they can become the way two partners express their love. Keep your word. Trust is a fragile issue.

Manage your relationship in a way that has both of you have fun in it. Having fun together must be one of your highest priorities.

The hardest part of coming out of a slump is acknowledging you are in one. You cannot solve a problem that you cannot admit you have.

Adversity does not create a great relationship – it reveals it! Upsets create the wisdom necessary to grow in spite of the situation.

When you trust the one you’re with, you can step in front of the person you’ve been and allow your partner to see the real you.

Forgive and forget is an impossibility. Forgive? Yes! You forgive because it sets you free; the first step toward healing. Forget? No!

Not communicating with your relationship partner – or not allowing them access to your thoughts and feelings – can exact a heavy price.

Anger is something that can hurt if expressed with the intention to get even. Don’t inflict your feelings of anger on the ones you love most

Healthy, committed love partners will say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong,” and mean it, rather than hold on to being right or walking away.

My love partner and I share similar spiritual values. Shared spiritual ideas are the basis for a lasting, fulfilling love relationship.

Your partner will almost always be the most dependable, 1st in line to care, & the 1st to help, if help is requested. Requesting is the key.

When you discover that what you have been doing isn’t working, the logical thing to do is to do something different. Muster up intention!

There is comfort in solitude. Partners must learn to cherish their separateness while being together. It makes being together meaningful.

Each partner’s differences test the others capacity for acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. Never dance around the issues.

Indifference is like water to a fire. The flame of love grows dim with indifference to your partner’s needs. Pay attention & take action.

One of the secrets to a healthy love relationship is to never take more than you give. Be alert for ways to contribute to your partner.

It’s simple. Not easy. The path to a whole and healthy love relationship begins when you self-inquire; it begins with loving you first.

The miracle of unconditional love is nurtured by the power of the Divine and our own imagination. Imagine the limitless possibilities!

I always remember that more often than not, when my love partner wants to talk, she only wants someone to listen & not to dispense advice.

My partner & I share a mutual commitment to hold aside no less than one evening each week where we can be alone together. – Larry James

Affirmation: I have a partner who is supportive of making key choices together, and learning from what each partner has to say.

When it is a genuine expression of true love, touch can bring you intimately closer to another human being than can thousands of words.

In a sense, a great love relationship lives on the tip of your tongue. Things go well because you say so and because of what you do.

Higher spiritual values give meaning & purpose to your relationship. They determine what you will turn away from & what you will move toward

Acceptance and tolerance hold hands in the presence of unconditional love. Discuss your imperfections lovingly. Do not pass judgment.

A committed love relationship fosters respect for each others right to have some time to themselves & the willingness to stand together.

It is a healthy relationship where partners can ask for what they want from each other & feel the freedom to say yes or no without guilt.

Promise to always openly communicate love, affection and commitment. It gives your future together more of a chance.

It’s okay to feel angry. It is not okay to be consumed with anger. Anger is not something to be contained; it is something to be released.

Touch is a means of connecting emotionally, physically and spiritually. The gentleness of touch communicates love, understanding & desire.

Only one thing activates, then converts the negative energy of anger into positive energy: an intention to do something different that works

Look at what you’ve been doing in your relationships. If it isn’t working, give up being right about it & do something different. Change it!

Expressing empathy, trust, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion & understanding all contribute to your feeling of being supported.

Screaming & yelling at your partner, is a no-no! If you lose it and do the forbidden, own up to it. Say, “I’m sorry” & don’t do it again!”

Put aside any hesitancy to display affection at times other than when you want something from your partner. That is never ever a good idea.

Mature love partners have learned not to expect perfection in each other. They know that acceptance has its own reward.

Relationships cannot be truly great & incredible unless you make internal changes in the way you think & take caution of the words you speak

Change is always possible in your relationship because it is only & always a choice that leads to a profound sense of freedom & inner peace.

The same energy we use to hold on to the past is the same energy we need to create our future. Holding on is an energy drain. Let go.

Passion is pure energy, aliveness, & like life itself, it starts off neutral; it’s a given. Give the energy of passion direction & meaning.

Communicate. Never assume that your partner knows how you feel. People tend to rely heavily on assumptions to communicate. Hints don’t work.

The extent to which we cling to the past is the extent to which we are blocked in receiving what we truly want in a loving relationship.

Be spontaneous. Stop by the side of the road. Make a spur-of-the-moment bouquet of freshly picked wild flowers. Present them to your partner

Remember that how you express your anger is being translated by someone who has no idea of how you really feel. Slow down. Think, then speak

Share your passion without fear & with patience, commitment, & trust. This level of emotional sharing generates a limitless flow of energy.

Flinging dollars on a date is not what fun-focused dating is about. Sunsets, picnics in the park, celebrating Love together are priced right

Intentionally add a little pizzazz to your love relationship. Do it in playful ways. It enlivens your spirit & breeds happiness. A good idea

Trust blazes new trails. It creates the opening for intimacy to exist. Among lovers, it invites the spark of the Divine to ignite passion.

Affirmation: I am having fun with life and life is having fun with me! I am being good to life and life is being good to me! And so it is!

Slow down the pace a little. Moving 75 mph through life is not a good idea. Focus on having fun. Show consideration for each other this way.

I see upsets in my relationship not as an exterior circumstance to be remedied, but as an interior condition to be understood and healed.

You can gain much insight into the power of your attitudes in the stillness of looking inward. Your body believes every word you say.

Embrace being together. Enjoy each other’s company. Never take your togetherness for granted. What you take for granted. . . disappears!

A communications gap doesn’t only undermine the potential of the relationship; it can, and usually will eventually destroy the relationship.

Honor the opportunity you have to be a part of THIS very special moment. You live in it moment to moment. Be present to it. Accept it.

Women can often tell a man’s interest in them by the length of his attention span. Take heed men. . . make attentive listening a priority.

I believe that every relationship we are in serves a definite purpose. It fulfills a need for us as we fulfill needs for someone else.

Blueprint Your Life! No Purpose. No Goals. First, define your purpose. Know Purpose! Know Goals! Design your relationship by setting goals.

I am convinced that I am bigger than my biggest problem! Never disguise problems as opportunities! Problems are problems. Acknowledge them

gratitudeSay thank you, often! Express appreciation. Acknowledge others for their contribution to you. Be grateful. Be creative with your gratitude!

Foreplay begins with putting the toilet seat down without being asked! Think I’m kidding? It shows that we value and respect our partner.

Bankrupt in the playful department? Spend time watching children play. Childlike frolicking & drawing gleefully outside the lines is okay.

Taking care of what needs to be taken care of is a SHARED responsibility. Relationship enrichment can only occur when you work together.

We are startled with a sense that letting go of our expectations might contribute to the cause of making the real magic of the moment appear

When things go wrong, don’t go with them. It’s normal to have ups & downs. Never let problems stop you! Look for the solution & go again!

I have discovered that anxiety is my friend. It calls attention to the options I have open; to the new choices that are available to me.

Relationships often fail when two people who have been in love stop meeting each other’s needs. This is another reason for paying attention.

You must first learn to be alone & happy before you can be together & happy. Never be dependent on others for your own happiness.

Make a list of things you know that pleases your partner and do them consistently. Never stop doing the things that brought you together.

Love today, right now, without conditions or requirements. Seize love when it comes your way & as quickly, give it away. Celebrate Love!

Communicating is not optional. You get a higher return on your relationship investment by communicating openly & honestly about everything.

Those who never seem to get past their fears to make new discoveries stay stuck in the misery they will not take responsibility for.

Express affection. Touching enlivens our lives. It nurtures our relationship. This gift contains within it the miracle of healing & bonding.

Try this: No expectations, fewer disappointments! Not easy. Simple. Don’t be attached to the expectation of how your needs get fulfilled.

Be Yourself. Demonstrate your own authenticity. Be unto others as you would have them be unto you. People can spot a phoney a mile away.

Old wounds have a drawing power & pull our attention to them over & over, taking energy & hope from us, preventing us from beginning again.

By far the most common and important way in which you can exercise your attention to your partner is by listening. It is an act of love.

YOU are the voice! What you say goes. You are in charge here. Think & speak only of what you want. Live lives on the tip of your tongue!

Knowledge is power only when we use it: for our own good and for the good of others. With it we can help others. Be somebody’s angel today!

Problems are not to break us. Working together on problems makes us strong. Be committed to learning the lessons the problems present.

It’s time to demonstrate courage & love instead of fear. Give yourself permission to live your relationships powerfully – beyond measure.

Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let every activity of the moment absorb all of your interest, energy and enthusiasm.

To worry about your relationship is to use your imagination to create something you do not want. Have concerns? Hire a relationship coach.

Relationships never END! Divorce, death or separation only changes them. As long as you have memory, you will have a relationship.

Needs must be communicated. Expectations are rarely communicated. No one can read your mind. Focus. Unfulfilled expectations cause problems.

I challenge you to discover what it is like to “live in the present!” Happiness, harmony & love reside there. The past is gone. Accept it.

Gifts should be a symbol of being related rather than a bid for reassurance that we are loved. Give it proper thought, feeling & inquiry.

A relationship bonus! Make sure some of your own personal goals are designed to contribute to your love partner & to your relationship.

In a sense a great love relationship lives on the tip of your tongue. Things go well because you say so & because of what each of you do.

Plateaus and setbacks are natural to progress. Growth in an intimate relationship is never in a straight upward line. Problems help us grow!

A Relationship cannot be truly great unless you make internal changes in the way you think and take caution of the words you speak about it.

It is impossible to start new & to make clear, healthy, life-giving choices until we have let go of past hurts, confusion and resentments.

Spend time working on you. You are #1. Work on developing your own self as an individual. The one you are with is you! Reinvent yourself.

Make a mutual commitment to no withholds, another of the keys to success in a healthy love relationship. Talk about anything & everything.

The healthy release of anger must be presented in a way that empowers the relationship; anger expressed without blame, no pointing fingers.

Starting over is the key to a new you. Embrace the beauty and significance of beginning again. Right now is the only reality. This is it!

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Copyright © 2009 – Larry James. This idea is adapted from Larry’s books, “How to Really Love the One You’re With: Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship,” “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing” and “Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers.” Larry James is a professional speaker, author, relationship coach and a nondenominational minister. He performs the most “Romantic” wedding ceremony you will find anywhere.

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LoveNote. . . Think before you speak. Words create. They either build up or tear down. Speak only words of forgiveness, appreciation, understanding & Love. – Larry James, from the book, “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing.”


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